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Corporate Responsibility

Dellisart was founded by Doug Artusio, a veteran of the lodging industry. Mr. Artusio’s background, while substantial in the areas of development and finance, is, unlike many hotel developers, deeply rooted in direct hotel level operational experience.

This unique background and experience aids him to view each and every project from a variety of different perspectives, as well as to appreciate the needs of the various interests of each vested party; investors, owners, lenders, and managers. Mr. Artusio launched Dellisart, in March of 2001 after a prestigious career with Inter-Continental Hotel Group and Marriott Lodging.

Dellisart has Ownership in various hotels and manages on a third party basis as well.In addition Dellisart provided Revenue Management Services for more than 20 hotels nationwide.

As such, the Dellisart team is actively marketing and in discussions to provide their management services and support to third party developers and owners of a wide variety of national claimed hotel brands. Not only can the company provide the wealth of knowledge and experience that is required to successfully assist others in efficiently and effectively managing and growing their businesses, but, because of the significant time and energy that was initially invested in creating the infrastructure to support their own hotels, Dellisart can also offer owners a complete litany of tools and resources as well. From Performa modeling, HR functions such as payroll & benefits, Revenue Management and financial functions such as operational budgeting and accounting.

Dellisart stands ready to be of assistance in a variety of ways.